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Hello, I’m Fábio!

Seeing clients excited about a project and having fun with it, the thrills of winning prizes and celebrating them, feeling proud along with every team member about the outcome of a project, plastered everywhere – that’s what I’m in for.

For more than a decade, I’ve worked with worldwide Art/Creative Directors and Graphic Designers to help them get the type they want: either by creating type from scratch for a specific project, by calibrating clients’ type work, by consulting or teaching.

Selected Clients:

ABC, ANTI Hamar, At Six, Bisarro, Clockwork Watch, Degrau, Disney, FEST, Flamingo Maneuver, Fontlab, Fyndario, Identity Works!, INCM, Itemzero, KODG, Nickelodeon, Non-verbal Club, Mojang, oBlikua, Optiker-K, Pickpocket, Roark Revival, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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